Three Different Towing Services and Tow Trucks 

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If you have cars or vehicles, there will be a time that you might need a towing service. Accidents happen at the least you expect them. If that happens, you need someone to respond to you immediately and tow your vehicle to your auto repair shop.  

But before that, you need to know the different types of towing service available. The services usually depend on what vehicle you have. To familiarize them, you can read them below: 

Towing Services

  1. Light and Medium Towing Service.This is the most common towing service used to tow small to medium vehicles. The vehicles used for towing are semi towing to heavy-duty vehicles. It may also include solving minor problems you have such as refilling your gas, lockout, dead engine and many more. For dead engines, they will tow your vehicle from where you are stuck up to your repair shop. They also offer to tow for cars involved in collision and accidents.  
  2. Off-recovery Towing Service.There are times driver are stuck in a mud or meet an off-road accident. These scenarios usually need services that haul them out. This involves a different type of equipment that will pull out your vehicle. This kind of car problem should be handled only by experts to avoid further damage to your car.
  3. Heavy Duty Towing Service.Heavy-duty vehicles are usually hard to tow. They need special and heavy-duty equipment and trucks also. Thereis different roadside assistance to respond in this situation where you are towed to your repair shop.  

If there are different types of towing service, there are also various types of tow trucks to use. What are the different types of trucks used? 

  1. Flatbed tow truck. Luxury and vintage cars are delicate and very expensive vehicles. Transporting them requires safety equipment. If you have this kind of car, call for this kind of service. The company will use a tow truck that has maximize safety equipment to ensure that there are no further damages attained up to your repair shop. If you want your car to be safe, ask the towing company to use this kind.
  2. Heavy duty tow truck. For lifting vehicles in the air, it will also require heavy-duty equipment and vehicles. Heavy duty to trucks provides convenience, safe and complete solution of transportation. This type of truck uses a hauling equipment. The metal yoke is attached to either back or front part. It gives a total control while in the air to avoid damaging more the engine.
  3. Long distance tow truck. There are different types of truck used for long-distance transport. But make sure to ask your company if they offer along-distancetowing. Not all towing service might offer service outside of your city. 

Now you know what towing vehicle service you are going to use, it’s time to find a reputable towing establishment. Before you decide make sure to do some research first. Consider the response time after your call, what are the services include and if they are available anytime you need them. 

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